5 Best WordPress Syntax Highlighter Plugins

Syntax highlighter plugins for WordPress are special plugins that help you to customize the codes that you add to your article or website so that it is not depicted as a messy lot that is pretty troublesome to analyse and study. Following are a list of the ten best WordPress admin syntax highlighter plugins that you can use.

1. Crayon Syntax Highlighter

Crayon Syntax Highlighter is probably one of the coolest syntax highlighter plugins for WordPress. Once installed, you can easily customize the settings as per your requirements. The plugin comes packed with various fully customizable themes that you can apply to your WordPress website.

It provides regular expressions and support for various languages which may appear on the website and highlights both URLs and WordPress post texts. If you are using Crayon Syntax Highlighter, Integrated Theme Editor, Tag Editor, Toggled plain code and line numbers, Open code, Minimizing and Mixed Language Highlighting in a single Crayon are just some of the facilities you will be enjoying.

2. Enlighter

Enlighter offers another means to help display codes on your WordPress website in an “enlightening” fashion. It comes along with a theme customizer tool which can be helpful in viewing live previews. The tool can also be used to help modify the built-in themes.

This WordPress syntax highlighter plugin also provides the users with tab-panes which can be used to display code groups together. There is also support for shortcodes as well which can be used within content, comments, and widgets. Again if the website is missing monospace fonts then that too is handled by the plugin Overall the plugin is incredibly easy to use and offers a high level of customizability.

3. IG: Syntax Hiliter

If you are providing source codes on your website, it is best to highlight the same for easy spotting by the viewers. IG: Syntax Hiliter allows you to integrate the source codes and highlight them too. It gives you the liberty of adding the codes directly after editing them or from your code editor.

It also allows you to customize the code or the color of the highlighter. The cache plugin (which you will have to upload) will speed up the process and it supports all major programming languages. You will need WordPress 4.1 or above or PHP 5.3 or above for the plugin to work.

4. Syntax Highlighter MT

Syntax Highlighter MT is another best WordPress plugin that helps users to enable Syntax Highlighter tool with ease. Other than the regular features, this plugin comes integration of Dynamic plugin loading making brush configuration obsolete.

5. Syntax Highlighter Evolved

Syntax Highlighter Evolved allows you to add the codes to your website without the requirement of formatting it so that the source code is available for use by the viewers. It is one of the smoothest working WordPress admin syntax highlighter plugins that is in a constant development mode. The updates are regularly available, and the super helpful tech support team will be available at your service regularly.

It also gets installed pretty easily, where you just need to add the plugin to the WordPress panel and activate it. It supports all the major web development languages, so is compatible at large. You can customize the various codes as per your requirements.